But our commitment extends beyond the dental chair. We're actively developing a diversified pipeline of local anesthetic solutions in various dosage forms:

Expanding our portfolio:

​Prilocaine HCL: Offering another long-acting option for specific procedures.

​Mepivacaine HCL: Providing a shorter-acting alternative for less invasive interventions.

​Bupivacaine HCL + Meloxicam: Combining pain relief with anti-inflammatory properties for improved post operative recovery.

Enhanced formulations:

​Prilocaine HCL + Epinephrine: Adding the benefits of epinephrine for longer duration and vasoconstriction.

​Lidocaine + Epinephrine: Bringing a classic combination to our cartridge format.

​Bupivacaine HCL + Epinephrine: Offering higher concentration for nerve blocks and regional anesthesia.

​Mepivacaine HCL + Levonordefrin: Providing extended duration with an alternative vasoconstrictor.

Developing and manufacturing a diverse portfolio of effective medicines across crucial therapeutic areas, including local and general anesthesia, antibiotics, analgesics, diabetes and obesity treatments, gastric ulcer medications, hematology treatments, and psychiatric and neurological medications.

Stay tuned as we bring these exciting new products to market, further delivering on our promise of precision anesthesia for a healthier future.