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Building on Egypt's Legacy of Pharmaceutical Excellence



Building on Egypt's Legacy of Pharmaceutical Excellence

Since the dawn of medicine, Egypt has been a cradle of innovation. Art Pharma stands proudly as a modern steward of this heritage, specializing in the manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products. As a leading Egyptian producer of local anesthetics, we are committed to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to quality.

Our Mission

To elevate healthcare access and empower healthier lives through innovative, high-quality pharmaceuticals made affordable for all.

Our Vision

Art Pharma will strive to achieve and sustain its pioneer position in the MENA region as the leade in the manufacturing of cartridge pharmaceutical products. To become one of the MENA region's

leading forces in pharmaceutical innovation, pioneering access to high-quality, affordable medicines that empower healthier lives.

Art Pharma Core Values:

Building a Foundation for Excellence


INTEGRITY: When truth is paramount.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE: Striving for the extraordinary.

PARTICIPATIVE DECISION MAKING- Empowering collective wisdom.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking ownership of our actions.

Changing the world is possible.
We’ve done it before.

Our Products

Art Pharma: Delivering Precision

Anesthesia, Expanding for a

Healthier Future

At Art Pharma, we're dedicated to

providing high-quality, effective

local anesthetics that empower

dental professionals and improve

patient experiences. Our current

focus is on sterile cartridge

products, specifically:

Artpharmadent 1:100,000:

This potent solution combines articaine

hydrochloride with epinephrine for fast onset and extended duration of

dental anesthesia.

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Artpharmadent 1:200,000:

Offering a lower dose of epinephrine, this option

prioritizes patient comfort while maintaining effective pain management.


Clindacine 300mg:

Clindamycin HCL 300mg, the pack contains 12 Hard

Gelatin Capsules.

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